Dispenser Attachments

We have various products including handwrappers as well as semi automatic and fully automatic dispensers that fit most machines.

  • Handwrapper

    Two styles shown with our attachment for printed film which will fit any hand dispenser.

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  • Semi Automatic Dispenser

    The semi automatic dispenser places a printed message band around a pallet load and fits most stretch wrap machines.

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  • Fully Automatic Dispenser

    The fully automatic attachment places a printed message band anywhere around a pallet load. It can be set for any number of wraps or any height.

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Benefits of our products

  • Shipping more efficiently and safely.
  • Reduce freight claims
  • Faster wrapping for workers yield lower labor costs
  • Eliminate tape and strapping for lower shipping costs
  • Improve product identification
  • Inventory control and improved warehouse efficiency
  • Recyclable / environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate costly, sticky labels
  • Narrow width film is perfect for bundling small packages, wrapping tops of pallets and securely wrapping irregularly shaped packages