Industrial Stretch Wrap and Film Products

The secret to building a successful business is to find something people need and give it to them. We saw the need for businesses and companies to get better protection for their items and began the process of providing them with materials that would do the job.


It began with stretch wrap, and we quickly branched out to other aspects of wrapping that we could make more efficient and convenient for our clients. Pursuing this allowed us to expand our reach and grow to what we are today.


We offer our clients a wide range of products including narrow width, hand film, machine film, & colored film. They come in multiple widths, lengths & gauges. These variants all serve specific purposes, and can greatly improve the operations of businesses and companies that deal with items of a particular size. Take a look at our most popular products.

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Printed Strech Wrap Talks!

We offer one and two color printing on clear or white opaque stretch film with low minimums. This product cuts pilferage, reduces shipping damage and helps inventory control. It is a great marketing tool for product identification and message.

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It’s amazing how many ways and forms people can apply stretch wrap to their lives and business. In fact, many people still don’t realize how much better their lives can become if they had the ability to quickly wrap something in clear plastic.

This is why we exist. We want to make you see the light, and feel the comfort and convenience of being able to handle, store, and transport, even your most fragile items.

If you need more information on the products that we offer, we have entire pages dedicated to them. We’ve also collected these pages into easy to browse catalogs, so that you can easily find the product that will serve your business best.

The wrapping world is full of potential that most people have never thought possible. Fortunately, we’re here to act as your guide in this exciting new world. Call us today, and we’ll get you started on your plastic wrapping journey.