Hand Film Products

  • freightwrap


    Stretch film available in 20” or 30 widths. The extended core is 5” on each end of the roll. Lightweight disposable and easy to use.

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  • No handles to get in the way of wrapping bottoms of pallets


    Stretchwrap with handiholders in every roll. No handles to get in the way of wrapping bottom of pallets. Available in a range of and colors.

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  • img_14

    Stretch Wrap

    Conventional 10″, 12″, 15″ x 80 Ga film in a variety of color and gauges.

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  • img_13


    Our latest product that is proving a huge success. A tough film allows down gauging without any sacrifice in performance. Better than you can imagine! Call for a sample roll.

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  • Readywrapper


    Extended core product with rubber handles to prevent hand burns and ease use. Available in a range of colors and gauges.

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Benefits of our products

  • Shipping more efficiently and safely.
  • Reduce freight claims
  • Faster wrapping for workers yield lower labor costs
  • Eliminate tape and strapping for lower shipping costs
  • Improve product identification
  • Inventory control and improved warehouse efficiency
  • Recyclable / environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate costly, sticky labels
  • Narrow width film is perfect for bundling small packages, wrapping tops of pallets and securely wrapping irregularly shaped packages