Sneak Peak / R&D

Two new products…Once Around Film which is lightweight, extremely tough, and replaces standard 80 to 120 gauge films.
Tacki-Mats: a new way to grab dirt from footwear and keep your rugs and floors clean and safer

  • Tacki-Mats

    Custom imprintable pads with clear mats that can be pulled off for a clean surface. Excellent for industrial areas and clean rooms.

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  • Once Around Stretchwrap

    Once Around Stretchwrap

    This tough, sturdy film offers improved holding power and has high cling value. It works like a shrink film. After wrapping with minimum tension, it shrinks 20 to 25%.

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Benefits of our products

  • Shipping more efficiently and safely.
  • Reduce freight claims
  • Faster wrapping for workers yield lower labor costs
  • Eliminate tape and strapping for lower shipping costs
  • Improve product identification
  • Inventory control and improved warehouse efficiency
  • Recyclable / environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate costly, sticky labels
  • Narrow width film is perfect for bundling small packages, wrapping tops of pallets and securely wrapping irregularly shaped packages